Private Health Funds Running Hospitals?

A very good read on Crikey this month.  There are numerous discussions happening in relation to health insurance funds becoming involved in primary health care, ie, running he hospital that you may be covered for with your private health cover.

Many are against the idea, given that admission to a hospital for treatment, and how you are prioritized and managed there, should not be associated with your membership of a health fund, or the level of membership of that health fund.  Many say it should be based on medical need, as opposed to insurance wants.

However, with the forthcoming float of Medicare and the continuing trends of bed availability and waiting lists, some very interesting facts come to light.  Currently, and amazingly, they asay that 40% of people show come to ED are in the last year of their life.  47% of Aussie hospital beds are filed with people over 65.  A dorctor HIllmans said, dying people in Australia end up on a conveyor belt in hospitals even when medicos and medicine have nothing more to offer them.

If these facts are true, then one can see that most Aussies fight to get one of the 50% of beds that are not already filled by the dying, thus, in my mind, making private health cover more valuable.  Then, of course there is the thought that if your health fund owns and runs the hospital, and you are a paid up member, chances are you will get that bed when you need it.

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