Company Private Health Insurance

Specifically designed to cover your employees

Currently in the marketplace, companies are in competition with other employers to recruit, retain and motivate quality people. Corporate Health Insurance schemes can provide a point of difference between employers.

Including a health cover benefit in remuneration packages, employers are able to attract and retain high calibre employees as well as add value to the benefits offered to existing employees.

By implementing a corporate health plan as an employer you are protecting your greatest asset… your employee.

Corporate Health Plans offer more competitive premiums and benefits when compared to retail products available to the general public.

Australian Health Insurance Advisory can assist in selecting and implementing a Corporate Health Plan for your employees at no cost to your organisation.

Australian Health Insurance Advisory work on behalf of our corporate clients to:

  • Analyse your requirements, determine the most appropriate health insurance package, and negotiate terms, conditions and premiums with the funds.
  • Prepare submissions on behalf of our clients outlining suitable corporate health plan options
  • Co ordinate implementation and a launch strategy of the plan with the company.
  • Arrange onsite presence for employees to ensure the appropriate level of health cover is provided
  • Assist with lodgement of all applications, fund transfers and other appropriate data
  • Monitor application progress and the performance of the chosen health fund
  • Offer resolutions to any situations that may need attention
  • Provide our support services for new employee, existing employee enquiries and for the client.
  • Review your corporate plan to ensure benefits and pricing is competitive in the market place.


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